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Black Diamond

A fitting homage to our founder, Gary Andrus, Black Diamond is a wine with an adventurous, far-reaching spirit. The man who started Pine Ridge Vineyards was as intrepid as they come, an Olympic downhill skier with an unwavering love of both the outdoors and well-made wine. The wine owes its name to the most demanding run on the slopes, where dramatic inclines and frequent obstacles challenge even the savviest of skiers.

This is one of the most exciting new projects I’ve been a part of. Not only are we humbled to create a wine that is a tribute to our founder, but it is also a testament to our highly-skilled winemaking teams ”


-Josh Widaman, Pine Ridge Estate Winemaker

Red mountain – Black Diamond

The wine follows suit, a reflection of our love of the land and technical ability. It’s grown in Washington state’s Red Mountain appellation, easily one of the most rugged and unique places on the world wine map. The high-desert landscape near the mouth of the Yakima River is currently responsible for some of the most distinctive and dynamic fruit in the country. Black Diamond is a collaborative wine, the fruit coming from our sister winery Double Canyon before being blended and bottled at Pine Ridge. The result—much like the descent down the top run of the mountain—is a feast for the senses.

Black Diamond – winemaking

Blending power, intensity, and elegance, the Black Diamond is dynamic yet balanced. Packed with warm flavors and a lasting finish, it’s an ideal wine for colder months ahead, whether you’re cooking at home or unwinding at the lodge after a day in the snow. We suggest enjoying it before a fire, with good company in the midst of an adventure, or served alongside fondue. And when you do crack a bottle, raise a glass to the man who placed the Pine Ridge flag in the Napa Valley back in 1978.