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Chenin Blanc + Viognier

Completely Different & Entirely Captivating

Blending Chenin Blanc with Viognier—it was just an experiment. Until we tasted it and realized we had created a masterpiece. Together, they deliver a unique tapestry of flavor and aromas that are inspiring and easy to enjoy.

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This unique marriage of two varieties unites the crisp, honeyed fruit of Chenin Blanc with the plush body and juicy stone fruit notes of Viognier, for a wine that is both sophisticated and easy to enjoy.

Recipes & Cocktails

Aromas of summer jasmine, honeyed pears, and chai spice lead to flavors of succulent tropical fruits like guava, papaya, and kiwi, complemented by melons, fresh apples, and lemon-lime. Enjoy with almost any cuisine.