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Chenin Blanc + Viognier

Now in Ultra Lightweight Glass

Our new lightweight bottle weighs only 405 grams, 20% lighter than the industry average. With the glass weight now reduced by 65 grams, our latest package significantly decreases carbon emissions compared to traditional wine bottles.

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Reducing bottle weight is critically important in the effort to lower Greenhouse Gases. Eliminating 64 grams is equivalent to removing:

500,000 miles driven by gasoline powered cars every year

40 homes’ electricity use for a year

9,000 bags of trash bags of waste


Lighter bottles use less raw materials, less use of energy, less reduced emissions and less reduced emissions. Our sustainable packaging is also easier to carry, lowers shipping costs and the weight of garbage. Benefits:

Lightweighting our glass is a crucial step towards achieving our objective of reaching Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 as a signatory of the United Nation Road to Zero and a Silver Member of International Wineries for Climate Action. Pine Ridge aims to lower its environmental impact and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

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