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Pine Ridge Barrel Tasting in Caves

Wine & Vine Virtual Series
Barrel Comparison

$325 | $260 CLUB

Thursday, March 3 at 4:00 pm PST

Taste along with our Assistant Winemaker Mike Conversano as he talks cellar philosophy and about the various barrels we use to age our work and how the different styles of wood impact the wine. Conversano will walk guest through three specific wines aged in three different barrel types. The oak-centric tasting will reveal the importance of a barrel’s grain, toasting levels, and the history behind the barrels.

Admission includes: Three bottles of 750 ml cabernet sauvignon (AVA’s to be determined). Virtual experience, and ground shipping.

$325 per package | $260 per package (wine club member)
Pricing above does not include tax
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Pine Ridge Barrel Tasting in Caves