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January 1, 2014 | Team Pine Ridge Vineyards

Winemaking update from Assistant Winemaker Jason Ledbetter

p>After a great harvest and our holiday break we have been working on one of the best parts of the year, tasting.  We have gone through and started to grade out every lot of wine we have made in 2013 on multiple occasions.  We are currently racking all the 2013 red wines out of barrel, cleaning the barrels and taking the wine back down.  This helps to “clean” the wine up aromatically.  Once we conclude this process we will taste all the wines again and begin to start putting blends together. 


We were so blessed with the 2012 Vintage it is hard to believe that the 2013 Vintage shows early indications to be even better.  The consistent weather and lack of rain post ripening has given us the opportunity to craft some remarkable 2013 lots of wine.  We are ecstatic to begin the blending process early in February.  Once we complete the 2013 blends we will transition into bottling the 2012 Vintage.


Winemaker Michael Beaulac and Jason Ledbetter


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