Team Pine Ridge Vineyards
August 1, 2013 | Team Pine Ridge Vineyards

Why are Barrel / Cooperage Trials Important in Winemaking?

Wine education with Pine Ridge Vineyards Assistant Winemaker, Jason Ledbetter.

Choosing the proper barrels for each wine made is a crucial decision in showcasing a wines distinction. Oak influence should always lift the fruit expression of the vineyard where the grapes are grown and enhance the mid palate and body of a wine. We aim to make wines with a sense of place that showcase our Vineyards and the typicity of each sub AVA within the Napa Valley.

A barrel trial is the only way we can grade and determine the effects each cooper has on our fruit. The source of the oak, the toasting profile and the house style each cooper presents will ultimately show up in the final wine that is made. Utilizing a barrel trial for 18 months each Vintage helps us to ensure we are using the proper barrels for each wine we make at Pine Ridge Vineyards.

The right oak barrels for each wine will help soften the tannins and mouth feel while enhancing the aromatics of a wine. Just a few of the common aromatics that come from Oak barrels are vanilla, caramel, graham cracker, clove, spice, chocolate and a sweetness that enhances the fruit from the grape itself.


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