Cool balance…


Located in the southernmost edge of the Napa Valley, vineyards in the Carneros appellation benefit from the marine influence of nearby San Pablo Bay. Overcast mornings and cool afternoon breezes contribute to a slow, even development of the grapes, resulting in an optimal balance of sugar and acid. The shallow and rocky soil over a base of clay provides just enough nutrients to support vine growth and fruit maturity.



Carneros Collines: A 38 acre site situated in the heart of Carneros is home to Merlot and the famed Dijon Chardonnay Clones (76, 95, 96.) This vineyard typically sees the first bud break of the season.

McKinnon Vineyard: Dedicated exclusively to Merlot, this 8 acre vineyard is planted on Carneros’s notorious “hard pan” clay soil in a 4’ x 8’ spacing for optimal vine density.

Olive Pond Vineyard: Chardonnay Clones 352, 92 and 76 are planted on this 3 acre plot, located directly across the street from McKinnon Vineyard.

Characteristics of Carneros wines

Carneros Merlots reveal delicate aromas of mint and eucalyptus highlighted by bright acidity, while Chardonnays feature ripe fruit notes of lemon, pineapple and honeycomb.