Gustavo Avina

Vineyard Manager

Knowing each vineyard, row by row, vine by vine: that’s how I grow such high quality grapes. I walk every vineyard, every block, once a week. Being connected to the vines is what helps me to grow quality grapes and leads us to make such high quality wines.

Gustavo came to Napa Valley from Ventura County in 1989 for his first grape harvest. In 1991, his impressive wine growing and vineyard management experience started at Newton Vineyards, where he worked for 6 years on their vineyard team. He went on to join David Abreu, a highly sought-after vineyard and planting specialist, to assist with all vineyards under his management, which included many of the highest quality vineyards in Napa Valley.

Through this experience he learned the techniques and management of vineyards to improve the quality of the grapes. He is an expert in pest control and recognizing disease. His ability to manage people and to build a cohesive vineyard team is one of his greatest strengths. Due to his positive attitude, willingness to help and provide clear direction his team continues to stay with him as it has for many years.

He loves seeing and feeling the changes of the weather. To feel the warmth of the morning sun, the air pressure as harvest starts and the humidity of a cool harvest morning is his passion. The challenge of weather keeps him connected to the soil and vineyard cycle.

He has enjoyed working at Pine Ridge for the last nine years and for the diversity of the vineyards across the Valley and the opportunity to work with five different AVA’s, which is particularly unique to Pine Ridge Vineyards.

When not in the vineyards, you can find him enjoying a bike ride, dining out, cooking Mexican carnitas or carne adobada tacos for his family and friends or any activity outside with his wife, Blanca, their 15-year-old daughter, Jessica, and 7-year-old son, Gustavo Jr.